Tender Guidelines for Exterior Stainless Steel Fixtures, Fittings, Furniture.

  1. All must conform to BS10088-2-20059 (E) page 19 table 6.
  2. All must have a satin polish suitable for marine and outdoor environments and a transverse Ra< 0.5um with a clean cut surface finish.
  3. Grade must be 316L or equivalent or better.
  4. Crevices will only be allowed where engineering or architectural demands dictate.
  5. All stainless items must be cleaned, passivated to ASTM A 380 or equivalent before arriving on site.
  6. All stainless steel items must be suitably protected before arriving on site.
  7. High profile visible items must be accompanied by a Ferroxyl test certificate.
  8. All tenders must include cost of re-cleaning and passivating before site is handed over to client.
  9. All tenders must include a complete aftercare maintenance regime for the client to pursue.
  10. All external stainless steel finishes to be cleaned before and prior to handover can be cleaned with Avesta 401,410,420,430,630 or equally approved products by Mister Stainless.

Mister Stainless is the total cleaning solution for the preserving of Stainless Steel. We offer a complete range of cleaning services for a range of stainless steel grades. Mister Stainless can facilitate Handover and Maintenance cleaning of stainless steel architectural structures.